48 Hours Later

Monday, August 13, 2007

So Ezri is now 2 days old and doing quite well, considering she shouldn't be here until the end of September. She still has not needed any help breathing and is starting to hold her own temperature without too much help. Feeding is going well - she takes everything through a feeding tube in her nose but is increasing the amount she is able to eat, while decreasing the amount of IV fluids she needs. The Neonatologist is playing things on the safe side because she is so small. The thinking is that she is doing so well that there is no reason to rush things and jeopardize the progress she is making.

Ezri is showing some signs of jaundice, which is to be expected. They put her under the lights today and she may have to be under them for a few more days. Luckily, she is pooping like a champ so she may just clear out the extra bilirubin on her own. She got the nurse two times today while she was being changed and then gave me a big present right before her evening meal.

In other news, I am being released today but am allowed to sleep here at the hospital until they need my room. I will definitely be staying through tonight and then we'll see how Ezri is doing. At any rate, Zach and I will both be spending a lot of our time here at the hospital until Miss Ezri can join us at home.

And now, without further ado, here are some pictures from today. She looks a lot better now that she is cleaned up and is keeping her eyes open quite a bit, though now she has to wear her special glasses while she is under the lamps.



Anonymous said...

She just gets cuter everyday..

Grandma Lynn

Aunt Erica said...

Tiny little elf... Can't wait to see her again!

Aunt Julie said...

She is just so pretty.

Love the sunbathing beauty

Anonymous said...

She is so cute. She looks like she is tanning:)