And on the 9th and 10th day, we rested...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

at least as far as the blog is concerned.

Sorry for the lack of updates and photos the last two days. We're just comletely exhausted and trying to focus on Ezri so the picture taking has taken a backseat of late. Plus our camera battery is dead again so that hasn't helped matters either.

We can report that Ezri is continuing to make strides towards coming home. The last two days she has latched on at the breast and camped out for a good 15 minutes each time - sucking and swallowing just like she is supposed to. They're still having me pump right before she goes to the breast so she isn't getting much from me - just a few drops here and there. The good news is tonight we got word from the on-call doctor that I only have to pump enough to get it flowing - less work for Ezri - and then she can go to the breast and take what she wants.

Today we also attempted the bottle for her feed for the first time. She did hold it in her mouth and took about 4 mL of it - a full feed is 33 mL. However, she spent much of the time with a very suspicious look on her face, wondering what in God's name we were sticking in her mouth. At any rate, we were happy that the nurses finally gave her a shot at it and hopefully she'll keep showing signs of wanting try again. Unfortunately, her bilirubin level is back up so she's pretty tired a lot of the time. Once that starts going down again, her energy levels will pick up and she should be able to handle full feedings by nipple - bottle, breast or whatever they say she needs in order to come home.

That's all for now. We were able to get to a store to buy batteries tonight so there will be pictures tomorrow.