Twelfth Night (and Day)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

So we've now been in the NICU for 12 days and we can safely say that it is far less pleasant on the 12th day than the first.

The good news is the Big Blue Light is gone - again. Ezri's billirubin level went way down over night so they stopped the light, got her dressed* and bundled her back up. Needless to say, she was much happier today than yesterday. She is also staying awake for longer stretches of time, which is a good sign that she may be gearing up for those nipple feedings. She was awake for most of her feedings today too - another sign that the bottle isn't far off. Breastfeeding "practice" is continuing to go well. She is definitely interested and putting in a lot of effort. Unfortuneately, she wears out after about 15 minutes, but it's progress nonetheless. It must not be too strenuous because she is continuing to put on weight - today she clocked in at 4 lb. 5 1/4 oz., up 1 1/4 oz. from yesterday.

*Many thanks to Ella and Zoe for lending Ezri some of their preemie clothes until she gets to a heartier size. This monkey ensemble is one of the first outfits that actually came close to fititng her.