We're Still Standing...

Monday, October 29, 2007

So we didn't pack up and join the circus - though with Ezri's freakish strength we do have a fair shot. Alas, we've merely be living the normal life of parents to an infant. Who would have thought there was more to it than taking pictures and writing witty blog posts?

So after our long absence from the Land of Ez, Miss Ezri has aged to be 11 weeks old. Scary but true. Though we don't have any exact measurements, our best guesses put her weight at at least 10 pounds, based off of her two-month check up stats and her constant demand to be fed. She has outgrown her preemie clothes and is comfortably fitting into her 0-3 month attire. She's gone from her newborn diapers into the size smalls, but still manages to fill them throughout the day. We've also come to know that our girl is quite a gas bucket, burping and farting like a little old man. That, coupled with her pattern-baldness, will ensure that we won't have to worry about dating for some time.

While her bodily functions tend toward the elderly, Ezri's sleep habits are becoming decidely teenage. After establishing a firm 11:00 bedtime for herself, our night owl is now pushing herself until 1:00 in the morning, sleeping straight through until 7 or 8:00, then following with a 4 or 5 hour nap in the morning. I'm sure I've just opened the floodgates for the "you-need-to-get-her-on-a-schedule" lectures, but rest assured that we are slowly working toward a routine that works for US.

Which brings us to the most devasting news - only two more weeks until I rejoin the world of the working. The prospect of leaving her with someone else all day is beyond depressing but a necessary evil if we want to maintain our current, lavish lifestyle of electricity and three meals a day. We are seeking donations of my yearly salaray plus full-benefits, but I'm guessing those are a bit far off. Time to send out those head shots of Trotsky and see if we can line up some Pedigree commercials or something.

In general, Ezri is an all-around good baby - very smiley and enjoys interacting with others. She certainly has her moments and the concept of "crying it out" is completely lost on her - she has already developed a pretty impressive "you-are-the-most-horrible-parents-in-the-world-my-god-why-don't-you-feed-me-already" cry so she gets what she wants pretty quickly, though being that she is only 11 weeks old, it's not like we can spoil her at this point. Despite that, she is quite easy to get along with. Her greatest joy in life right now is her Kringelring - a German-made wooden rattle that consists of one ring with two little rings around it. We're convinced the thing is sprinkled with Ecstasy or something because a few shakes of it and she is completely giddy.

And now, without further ado, the Wonder that is Ezri. A quick glance through will prove that she is the offspring of two formerly chunky babies, with definite relations to the Bradley family.