Sittin' Pretty

Saturday, March 8, 2008

So for a while now, Ezri has been able to sit - as long as she was leaned completed forward and someone was there to catch when she fell after about 30 seconds.

Today, admidst the blizzard conditions and all of us taking ill, Ezri decided that she was through with being propped up. Today, Ezri decided to sit.*

*Due to the fact that Ezri is still in daycare full time**, it could very well be that she has known how to sit for months. They seem to employ a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to such things.

**Ezri's full-time daycare status will be changing as of June 1st when I am will no longer be working outside of the home. More on that to come.


The Jagielski Family said...

Look at that big girl!
Way to go Ezri:)

She's looking more and more like daddy.

Hope you all feel better! I have that fabulous bug that is going around too- I am glad that the rest of my fam is doing O.K. at this point.

Aunt Erica said...

Those tummy muscles must be getting very strong from all those vegetables she's eating! Her cousin/BFF Grace will be so happy that Ezri can play more now. :)

Orysia said...

What a cutie patootie! That little button nose is absolutely adorable! Hopefully you and the Mr. go out soon so I can babysit and just be in awe of the cuteness that you two produced! :-)

Moxy Jane said...

I just love babies, really I do.

Working from HOME?! HURRAH!!! This is most wondrous news. Now you will be able to take many, many photos of The Amazing Ez and share them with silly people like me who think babies are what life is all about.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Matt said...

Better watch out guys! Matt and I were close to running off with Ezri on Easter! She is adorable and always so happy. We love her!