It's Been One Week...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

So today marked Ezri's One Week Birthday and her seventh day in the NICU. To celebrate, we sprung her from her plastic bubble to enjoy a visit from our "Unkie" Brian (the future librarian) and "Auntie" Liz who came in from Pittsburgh. The little stinker had pulled out her feeding tube - hence the few shots where it is missing. It was put right back in for her next feeding. Her bilirubin levels continue to drop so the Big Blue Light will hopefully be gone soon.


Aunt Julie said...

So I see the feeding tube is GONE!! That looks like great news to me :)

Those frist two pictures are amazing shots.

Aunt Julie said...

Ohh, I see, little one had decided to rid herself of the tube, for some reason I didn't see any text when I looked before.

Did they let her try to feed by mouth today?