Six Days Down

Friday, August 17, 2007

They say no news is good news - so here is a funny anecdote and a load of pictures instead.

Every morning, the nurse has to poke Ezri's heal to get a blood sample. It's actually quite sad to look at her little feet and see all of the red spots where they have gotten her each day. Anyway, her nurse was telling us that this morning, she was getting ready to poke Ezri as usual. As soon as she grabbed her ankle, Ezri made a face and tensed up like she was bracing herself for what she knew was coming. Then, when the nurse stuck her, she screamed. Not like a baby-crying-type-of-scream. She actually let out a shriek like an adult would and then stopped.

Such intuition and control of her emotions.

Her daddy is so proud.


Aunt Erica said...

So great to see pictures of you guys holding Miss Ezri! Adyson says we need to save her from the optopuss (that's how she says it). Love You All!

Moxy Jane said...

I know y'all probably can't appreciate this...but I just watched "Patton", starring George C. Scott, and I must say that Wee Ezri bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Scott's portrayal of the general. It's something about that steely eyed squint of hers and determined set to her mouth. She is ready to march right out of that hospital!

I promise there will be no more comparisons between your amazing child and war-mongering generals, or the actors who portray them.

Thanks for the updates!!