Five by Five

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well we have good news and bad news...

The good news is EZRI GRADUATED! She was moved this afternoon from the high-risk nursery to the low-risk nursery. Her IV was stopped this morning and she increased to full feedings through her tube. Her bilirubin levels went down which means the jaundice is clearing up. She still is under the lights most of the day, but she is definitely on her way out of there! Even though they won't even attempt nipple feeding until she reaches the 34 week mark - which is this Saturday - she is DEFINITELY ready for it. All day, about a half hour before her scheduled feeding, she would start to get hungry and fussy and try to stick things in her mouth. Once she would get a hold of the pacifier, she would try to suck the living daylights out of it hoping there was something in it. When she realized there wasn't, she would get pretty pissed.

So basically, once the jaundice goes away and she proves to the doctors that she can get all of her food by mouth, she will be making her way over to Lowe Road.

Now for the bad news.

We have no pictures to document this fabulous day. The camera was left at home so you will all have to wait until later tomorrow before you get your baby fix. Sorry if we're just a little too busy to be good bloggers all of the time.

To hold you over, enjoy these photos of our original babies - who have started acting out as they sense the upcoming arrival of their new sister. We've already warned them that she is much cuter than they are so it's best behavior or they're out.





Aunt Erica said...

What a show-off she is, graduating so quickly! :) Honestly, though, it's just great she's doing so well. Oh, and I love that you said pissed in your baby's blog... awesome.