Turkey Day Update

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's about a week late, but here are some photos of Ezri's first Thanksgiving. While she slept through the actual meal, she did enjoy the Tofurky and Pumpkin Pie via Mommy about 4 hours later. She also enjoyed the fancy new threads we got her for the occasion.

In other news, for those that don't know I had to return to work on November 12th. Luckily, we found a daycare that we are very happy with and who shares many of our own philosophies. Ezri seems to be enjoying it and everyday, along with her detailed log of poopy diapers and naps, we get a personal note from the teacher telling us what a happy, giggly baby she is. All of the folks at daycare are also digging her clothes - funny since most of her ensembles are put together half-awake at 5am.

At home, she is starting to try to talk to us and is sleeping all the way through the night. She can sort of sit up for a few seconds if she is leaning forward. Her growth continues to amaze us, as she is now fitting into to things that -when she born- we thought wouldn't fit until her 2nd birthday. She is starting to really check things out now, and the Christmas tree, her dad and the mirror are her favorite things to look at.


Aunt Erica said...

She's definitely her mother's child... especially in that last picture. LOOK at those CHEEKS! She's just too precious... I want to SQUEEZE her! (but in a good way):)

Moxy Jane said...

HA, that last picture is SO sweet! I'm glad to hear that you've found a daycare that you like, as I'm sure that was a tough decision. Happy holidays to you all!!