New Year Catch-Up

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where has the time gone? It seems like I was just logging in to upload the Thanksgiving pictures and here we are starting a new year. Ezri survived her first holiday experience - barely. To put it mildly, Christmas was utter chaos. We celebrated more times than we can count on one hand. Ezri was a real trooper, though largely unaware of what was going on. She was far more enthralled by the overhead lighting than the gifts. Her parents, however, were very humbled by all of the fabulous gifts she received. As we continue to recover from the holiday extravaganza, we will try to post photos of Ezri enjoying her bounty.

In general baby news, Ezri is just days shy of being 5 months old. Holy crap, she has actually been here for 5 months. She is continuing to grow like a weed and in fact she is at the tail end of another growth spurt. We're estimating her weight at about 12 pounds, and she has outgrown enough clothes to constitute us uttering the phrase "let's put it away for the next baby." In my time off from work, she seemed to be doing something new everyday. She has discovered the wonder of The Thumb - a true blessing since none of us were great fans of the pacifier. She has also figured out that if she can get something into her hand, she can also get it into her mouth - bad news for Dax's tail but good news for her camera-happy parents who enjoy documenting it. Her constant babbling is endlessly amusing and she figures out new ways to use her voice everyday, though it does continue to make leaving her at daycare even more devastating - but that's whole other post.

December brought our first "proud parent" moment as she made the newsletter at her daycare. In a review of the babies in Infant Room A, it was stated, "Ezri has the biggest smile." That's right, the BIGGEST! She beat out 4 other babies for that honor. Needless to say we have gold-plated the newsletter and hung it proudly over our fireplace.

Here are some random photos taken since Thanksgiving. Once the Holiday pics are organized, we will add those as well.


zoellagram said...

Ezri you are so cute. I have been waiting to see an update on Land of EZ ever since Thanksgiving. I want you to know that I think you have a very special Mommy and Daddy. I hope that they bring you to visit me when you come to see you little friends Ella and Zoe. Happy New Year!